iMedCom is created to be easily comprehensible.
The patient’s data is collected through the use of the intuitive user interface of the patient’s app.
In addition to this, the smart device is able to communicate with peripheral devices via Bluetooth, where patients receive additional specific enquiries about symptoms, aided and illuminated through visuals. All the data that is collected is available in graph and parameter form for the patients’ daily self-check.
Communication with associated facilities is enabled through instant messaging or video calls.
Lastly, the patients, and whomever it may concern, will have access to educational videos that will aid in handling with the patients’ treatment.

Efficiency through simplicity



iMedCom telemetry creates easier communication between you and your patients, thusly allowing you to work together as a unit.
This eliminates any outside influence, minimizing possible disruptive factors whilst increasing the efficiency and reliability of the platform.

Reduction to
the maximum



iMedCom is a platform that uses telemetry as way of communication - an exchange of information between you and your patients.
Data is either collected directly by the patient or indirectly via Bluetooth between the Smart Connected Devices.
The encoded data transfer to its desired server prevents any participation of a third party. This way, you will have absolute control over your patients’ data.

Your patients,
your data


Demographic change appears to be a socio-economic challenge.
The combination of the ever growing life expectancy and newly adapted healthy lifestyles can lead to massive changes within the medical field.
The supply deficit within the inpatient care and the establishment is unavoidable, thusly, leading to a rise in problems in the outpatient care of chronically ill patient groups. This can be especially challenging in rural areas.
Our company faces this challenge.
As a solution, we have gathered a dedicated team of doctors and software developers who have created a software that uses telemetric digital information and communication as a means for ambulatory care of chronically ill patients.
As a company, we face this challenge.
In a close cooperation of medical professionals and software developers, we have established a team dedicated to telemetric digital information and communication for the ambulatory care of chronically ill patients.


Both the national and international analyzes of digitization in the healthcare market and the development of this segment in recent years have shaped our strategic orientation as a company.
Successful telemedicine and telephone research needs communication and data exchange. For this we rely on the establishment of a flexible, modular and bidirectional platform.
iMedCom forms this platform and thus acts as the basis of all phases of patient care.
We start with a digital, international medical history. For optimal patient communication, the history is automatically transcribed into the patient's native language.
The telemetric teleconsult and televisite data are then implemented in a treatment algorithm. In doing so, we rely on flexible and tailor-made solutions that guarantee maximum data security through the consistent exclusion of a third party.


Usability and soft ergonomics are important to us in the development and revision of our tools to assure their intuitive operability.
We guarantee up-to-dateness and functionality with regular update cycles. Above all, the exclusion of a third party facilitates a secure communication line.
International anamnesis is a software that overcomes language barriers by filling out the namnesis sheet digitally via smart connected devices in any language and then automatically translated into German. The general questionnaires are based on recommendations from the International Health Organisation and can be adapted to a patient group or any special fields as needed.
iMedCom prioritizes maintaining communication and the exchange of information.
The modular structure of the platform enables maximum flexibility in the composition of questionnaires. This means that the required parameters and enquiries, provide information about the development of the patient’s condition. The app is adaptable to other patient groups as well.
Patients who, when in the process of being telemedically treated against hypertonia, develop heart failure may receive continual care through the activation of the Heart Failure Module within the framework of the iMedCom platform, all without changing the front end application.
iMedCom can be extended to various modules: modules for pain, diabetes mellitus, COPD, heart failure, heart transplantation and for patients with artificial heart.
We are available to assist you in the case of module extensions and enhancements. Data transmission between peripheral measuring devices via Bluetooth to Smart Connected devices broadens the horizon of data collection methods and guarantees a higher degree of user-friendliness.
iMedcom secures the communication between you and your patient. We provide, similar to Whatsapp and Skype, instant messaging and video calls for tele-visits. Both communication ways are guaranteed utmost privacy since they take place on an encrypted server, blocking out a third party. Compared to previous communication methods, iMedCom introduces you to a legally optimized way in which you are able to deal with your patient’s telemetrically sensitive data.